What is Ex-Mo?

Ex-Mo is…….

a microwave motion sensor using the “Doppler Shift” principal that has been designed and certified to operate within Hazardous Area and other Harsh environments. Ex-Mo offers ATEX and IECEx Certification, IP66 sealing and is suitable for both Zone 1 and Zone 21 Gas and/or Dust areas.

Sensing movement by microwave, Ex-Mo will switch on the lights for a period of time while the area is occupied. Lighting is only switched on when people are present and switched off when they are not, therefore saving electricity by reducing your energy bills and thus reducing your Carbon Footprint.

Roof or wall mounted with the optional adjustable bracket, several Ex-Mo units can be paralleled to detect movement over a large area whilst controlling the same lighting circuit. Alternatively, several lights can be switched via one Ex-Mo sensor up to a maximum current of 10A. Ex-Mo can be configured to operate an external relay or contactor if the total current exceeds 10A or to supply a signal to an energy management system.

Ex-Mo may also be used to for movement detection in remote working areas or remote sites. Alerting a control centre when detecting people, vehicles and other moving objects.


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I love it, its a great product and would recommend it to anyone!!

Paul Diamond (Vopak Oil Terminal)