Ex-Mo Motion Sensor (Stainless Steel)



A high quality, Stainless Steel (unpainted), robust "Explosion Proof" Motion Sensor designed for use in Harsh and Hazardous areas.

Please be advised that a Remote Controller is required for initial setup and configuration of the Ex-Mo. Only one remote required to operate any Ex-Mo.

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A high quality, 316L Stainless Steel (unpainted),  robust “Explosion Proof” Motion Sensor designed for use in Harsh and Hazardous areas.

Supplied with 3 x M20 entries & shipped with transport plugs (Cable Glands, Stopping Plugs and Adaptors are also available).


  • ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 and Zone 21 certified for use in explosive gas and dust (Certificate:- Baseefa11ATEX0005)
  • Multiple sensor / multiple light configurations are possible
  • Microwave Doppler technology
  • Ambient light level sensor
  • Adjustable switch on time
  • Adjustable sensitivity and detection range
  • ATEX Certified Remote control programmer (Certificate:-Baseefa03ATEX0187)
  • 110 / 230Vac operation or 24Vdc operation
  • 10A direct relay output
  • Control input 12/24Vdc to override the detection sensor


Technical Specification

  • Coverage – The Ex-Mo unit has a coverage pattern of approximately 72° horizontally and approximately 36° vertically. This represents the angular coverage where 70% of the unit sensitivity is maintained. In practice the Ex-Mo unit will detect 90° so that a single unit placed in the corner of a rectangle room will give complete coverage along the walls (If you are unsure if the Ex-Mo would be suitable for your application, take advantage of our ‘try before you buy’ option)
  • The high frequency Doppler radar operates best when a target is approaching or moving away from it and can be detected from a distance of approximately 20 meters away. The “Beam” detected is focused from the front face and is reasonably directional
  • Dimensions – 145mm x 132mm x129mm
  • Weight – Stainless Steel 2.5kg – Aluminium 1.5kg
  • Earth Point on the right hand side M5 internal/external bolt provided
  • Equipment rating – IP66
  • Entries – 3 x M20 x 1.5


View our Ex-Mo documentation below: